The perfect clean, each and every time

Over the years, Blondie’s has stayed up-to-date with the most effective and current cleaning processes. Our experienced and certified cleaners decide on the best cleaning process for each and every garment that enters our cleaning room. We use dry cleaning, wet cleaning, spot cleaning, and even hand washing to safely clean all your garments.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a process that uses chemical solvents, detergents and mechanical action to remove grease, oil and dirt from a garment. Clothes are saturated in the cleaning solvent, then carefully dried so that 100% of the solvent is evaporated from the garment and recycled back into their storage tanks. This leaves your clothes clean and completely odour and chemical free. Dry cleaning is best suited for garments that have delicate trim and/or beading, garments made of delicate fabrics such as silk and animal fibres, and garments that are soiled with solvent soluble soils such as grease and oil.

Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is the process of using water, mechanical action, and detergent to remove soil from your garments. Since not all garments can be safely dry cleaned, Blondie’s uses wet cleaning to get the job done. Certain fabrics perform better in wet cleaning and it is up to our experienced and certified cleaners to decide which cleaning method is best for your garment. Our high technology washing machines have wash cycles that are even more delicate than hand washing at home! Wet cleaning is best for removing water-soluble soils.

Spot Cleaning

Believe it or not, some garments are made to be uncleanable. This means that it is not safe to dry clean or wet clean your garment without causing serious damage to it, even though the tag may say otherwise. Our experienced and certified cleaners will identify these garments and contact you to recommend spot cleaning the garment on our spotting boards or returning the garment to its place of purchase as uncleanable.

Hand Washing

Some of your garments may be too delicate to be washed in any machine be it wet or dry cleaning. At this point, our experienced and certified cleaners will gently and carefully take the time to hand wash your garments for you, hang them to dry and professionally press them so they are returned to you in like new condition.