Green cleaning is something that should simply be expected from your dry cleaner today

Leading the way to a cleaner environment
Blondie’s is, and always will be, the pioneer of green cleaning in Southwestern Ontario. We were the first to employ alternative cleaning solvents when we introduced wet cleaning to the region in 1994. By 2002, Blondie’s was the first cleaner to use an alternative dry cleaning solvent when it purchased the first hydrocarbon machine in the region, using DF-2000 solvent. On September 30, 2013, after installing the first 90 LB Union Solvon K4 machine in Canada, Blondie’s has become the first and only dry cleaner in Southwestern Ontario to be cleaning with 100% alternative solvents, which means we use absolutely no Perchloroethylene!

Beyond using alternative solvents, Blondie’s employs rigorous hanger and poly bag recycling programs. Sleep better knowing that all the poly bags you return to us are 100% recycled thanks to our partners at Windsor Disposal Services. Return your hangers and we’ll recycle them too.

Blondie’s has teamed up with The Green Garmento to further reduce our use of poly bags. We now offer reusable laundry bags that you drop your clothes off in. When your clothes are cleaned and hung, instead of using poly bags, your Green Garmento converts to a garment bag that your clothes are returned to you in. Is your bag dirty? Blondie’s will clean it for you at no charge. Ask about our Green Garmento bags at your nearest location. This is just another way we’re taking our green responsibilities seriously.

What about our carbon footprint? We were just as concerned about that so we have decided to make annual contributions to carbonfund.org to offset our carbon emissions. Our donations go to this fund where they are spent on reforestation and avoided deforestation, renewal energy and methane, and energy efficiency and carbon credits.

Understanding Solvents and Alternative Solvents
From the 1930’s, it was well known that the best cleaning solvent for non water-soluble soils was Perchloroethylene or PERC. This became the most commonly used solvent in the world for dry cleaners. As late as the 1990’s, PERC started to get a bad reputation for its effects on the environment if it was released. PERC is classified as a hazardous waste and maintains strict government regulations under the Ministry of Environment for its safe use and disposal. By the 2000’s dry cleaners saw the development of alternative solvents, which were solvents other than PERC that did a good job of cleaning and were less taxing on the environment. At Blondie’s, we have invested in wet cleaning, hydrocarbon cleaning and Solvon K4 cleaning. We have stopped using PERC altogether. That’s a big accomplishment for a dry cleaner and one we are happy to share.

Many cleaners use the terms “organic” and “green cleaning” in such a way to make customers believe that their solvents are eco-friendly. The truth is that all solvents including water and detergent from your own home washing machine take a toll on the environment. Alternative solvents are considered industrial waste instead of hazardous waste and still require proper disposal. Don’t be fooled, the word organic simply implies that there is a carbon component to the chemical structure. Perchloroethylene is actually an organic compound and is hazardous waste!

At Blondie’s, we have nothing to hide and are open about the processes and chemicals we use. In fact, Blondie’s is the regional leader in minimizing our environmental impact, and we still deliver the highest quality of clean to you. We take the responsibility of green off you and put it on us.

Not only is Blondie’s your partner in clean, we’re also a partner in green!