Special care for your very special gown

Blondie’s is proud to be the oldest wedding gown processing center in Southwestern Ontario. That means we make cleaning and preserving your special dress our specialty. Whether your dress is couture or off the rack, we will treat it with care and respect. We understand that your dress is a symbol of the most special day of your life and we are honoured to help you preserve this memory.

When you entrust your dress with us, we make you a part of the cleaning process. After drop off, our experienced experts will analyze your dress for soil level, damages and special requirements. You will then be invited for a consultation with our specialist to discuss what we will do. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we are properly equipped to clean, press and preserve your dress in house. (Unlike other cleaners that ship dresses out to a wholesale cleaner somewhere in Toronto where you can’t access them.) After your dress is cleaned and pressed, you will come back in for a final inspection before your dress is packaged in acid free paper and preserved in a special box, guaranteed to protect your dress and keep it beautiful for years to come.

Blondie’s thanks you for choosing us to do your everyday cleaning, and we are humbled that you would choose us to take part in one of the most memorable days of your life.